Thursday, 7 December 2017

HND and HNC Courses and Its Benefit in Computing

HND and HNC courses are very popular especially among those people that not sure if they take a degree course of not. Even if HND and HNC are not degree courses but they are considered equivalent to undergrad qualifications but take considerably less time to complete. HND and HNC course are mainly designed for specific career courses such as accountancy, travel & tourism or computing.

HND or Higher National Diploma is a work related course and it takes two year to complete if taken in full time cures and three year in part time. This course is considered equivalent to two year degree at university. Just like this HNC or Higher National Certificate is also a work related course that provides the same subjects as HND but it considered a level lower then HND. To complete the full time HNC course one year is required and two year in part time course. HNC course is considered equivalent to one year degree at university.

Just like many courses HNC HND computing provides lot of benefits in the field of IT. HND and HNC courses not only provide theoretical knowledge but also give the practical knowledge as it these courses focus on learn by doing. So naturally an employer will prefer a candidate that has more knowledge then others.

Here are some benefits of doing HND HNC courses:

1.    Improvement in the career prospective: Higher National Diploma or Higher National Courses are equivalent to 2 years in a degree college and is a Level 5 certification. As these HND and HNC courses focus on mainly learn by doing so the practical knowledge offers by these courses are higher than others. Since most of the employer knows about this fact so by doing HND and HNC course there is a high chance of getting more career privilege then others.

2.    Time flexible: HND and HNC courses not only provide you great opportunities in career but these course are also time flexible too. You can either decide to take full time or part time course depending on your requirement but it does not affect the value of the certificate.

3.    Stepping stone: HND and HNC courses also can be uses as stepping stone to enroll you into a particular degree course that require special certification. Level 3 certifications such as A-Levels, GNVQs, NVQs, Access Certificate etc can help you accepted in higher diploma but HND and HNC courses are level 5 certifications and can give you opportunity to take admission at the third year of degree courses easily.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Free Online Computer Courses That Increase Your Knowledge

Nowadays, computer literacy must be enhanced in almost all types of job available because knowledge on technology is required in most workplaces and easiest way to establish a strong career and also financial security.

If you have to proceed your career with computer then increase your knowladge because a good knowledge on how to manually operate a mouse and keyboard is not sufficient. But this will help one in learning quickly more necessary matters one can do with the PC. So free online computer courses solve a number of other needs which cannot be handled by regular schools and are not intended to replace formal degrees at a reputable degree-granting school.

So, prepare yourself for the future that lies ahead.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Importance and Benefits of Doing Computer Courses Online

Computers have become a very essential part of our daily life and its knowledge is necessary to cope with the current flow of the world. The use of computer is growing by minute and with the development of the various software it work on it, the difficulties of those who does not have the knowledge and skill of it is increased. So it becomes necessary to have the necessary skill and knowledge to work on a computer for to survive in any field.

Depending on the increase demand of the computer knowledge various institute and universities are prepared several courses to meet the demand. One can take them us regular courses and take their classes at the respective institute and gain the certificate of that respective course. But it is not possible for all as working people also cannot afford attend the regular class due to their work. So as a solution for them there are several online courses also available. In an online computer course you need not to leave your place and it is very convenient in way. Some online computer courses are needed a fees as the regular courses, but there are some free computer courses also available.

Here are some benefits of doing computer course online:

1.    In online computer course you do not need to take formal classes like regular course. You can take your own time and place to study and do your daily work without any interference. This is the main reason that working like to take online course.

2.    Online courses are very affordable unlike regular courses. While in regular classes you need to pay for your travel expenses, accommodation and various equipment expenses which charge you lot of money, but with online courses you do not need such thing. Because of this affordability many has become interested in taking online course.

3.    Online courses can bring your desired college or university to your doorstep. As many famous college and universities offer their best computer education, but it is not possible for all of us to attend it due to the travel distances and some of the instituted are on different country or continent. And due to various reasons not all of us can attend it there. But with the help of online we could attend them as they also starting offer the computer courses online.

4.    Any kind of study material need in the online course can easily access it from online and any kind of the projects and assignment are also can be submitted through online.  

Friday, 29 September 2017

HNC / HND Computing & System Development

The HNC/HND Computing course is aimed for those who wish to continue their computer education at a Higher Education Level. It could be the ideal way to kickstart your ambitions. The main objective of the HNC/HND Computer course is to provide specific knowledge for the candidate studying art and design in a digital context which includes the latest, most relevant and employable skills possible. These types of HNC/HND Computing courses provide career development opportunities within the industry as well as opportunities across a broad academic and vocational base.

Friday, 8 September 2017

What Is HND and HNC – What Are Its Benefits and Needs?

Since the market for various high paying jobs have become quite competitive these days, the job seekers try to achieve their goals by using various tactics and studying various fruitful courses.

The employers these days always look for effort form the employees in order to reach their goals along with efficient individuals who have the right knowledge and practical approach to particular sectors.

There are a lot of such ways through which you can make your resume strong and impress your employers with your skills and certificates. One of the best such courses to study is HNC and HND courses in Edinburgh.

So what are these HNC and HNC courses?

The HNC course means the Higher National Certificate which takes one year to complete, or two years part-time. Many HNC courses cover the same subjects as an HND, but an HNC is one level below an HND but it's generally equivalent to the first year at university.

However, the HND means Higher National Diploma, which is a work-related course provided by higher and further education colleges in the UK. A full-time HND takes two years to complete, or three to four years part-time. Generally an HND is the equivalent to two years at university.

The benefits 

There are a lot of benefits of getting a HNC or a HND certificate. Unlike other degrees, these courses are mainly focused on the practical knowledge of the course, which makes you more efficient towards a job than any other candidates.

An employer gives more attention towards someone who has an HNC or a HND degree, than someone who has a regular degree. It is because the employers are only looking out for people who are efficient and have the right kind of practical knowledge in the particular field.

What are the courses available?

There are plenty of courses available for HND and HNC.

They can be as followed –

•    IT and Computing
•    Accounting
•    Business and Finance
•    Civil engineering
•    Management
•    Photography
•    Management
•    Electrical engineering
•    Mechanical engineering
•    Construction
•    Graphic design and many more others

You can choose your own subject for HNC and HND course and study the same. The duration of the courses are just 2 years and you can either take a full time course or a part time one. Get yourself enrolled in an HNC or HND course and get all the benefits.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Importance of HND and HNC Course

When you are looking out for better opportunities in terms of jobs, you need something more than just academic qualification. Employers nowadays are looking for candidates who have extra caliber, practical knowledge and better understanding of the job and honestly, you cannot get all of these on a University course.

When you are looking for practical knowledge at any sort of course, you should be looking getting a HND or a HNC degree; which doesn’t only help you getting a job, but also help you in making your future in the long run.

So what exactly are HND and HNC?

HNC is an abbreviation which stands for Higher National Certificate. This higher certificate full time course takes usually a year to complete, or it might even take two years if the student goes for a part time course. Many of the Higher National Certificate courses cover the same number of subjects and almost the same subject that are there in Higher National Diploma (HND) as well. But we must know that the Higher National Certificate course is one level below than that of a Higher National Diploma course. It is generally equivalent to the first year of study at the university.

HND: HND is the abbreviation which stands for Higher National Diploma. The full time of this course takes a student to complete it by two years, or it might even take three to four years if the student opts for a part time course. This course is a work related course that is provided by higher and further education colleges in the United Kingdom. It is generally equivalent to the two year at the university level.

These Higher National Courses help you to get your dream job, keeps you on the top of the list when the time comes for promotions in your job, as you have the privilege of “learning by doing”. There are a lot of benefits of studying HNC and HND courses. The best thing about the courses is that it is flexible and the fee structure isn’t even high.

There are very good number of subjects that a student can choose from in these courses. Some of the subjects include-  HNC and HND in Computing, Accounting, business and finance, business management, civil engineering, construction, electrical engineering, engineering, graphic design, management, mechanical engineering, and photography.

However, you just need to make sure of one thing and that is selecting the right institution. Making this mistake might hamper your career. Good luck!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

HND Degrees – A Great Alternative to University

Making your career a bright one is everyone’s dream and people do all sorts of hard work to achieve their dream goal. There are a lot of ways you can make your career brighter than it is now and one of the best ways to put the stepping stone is doing an HND course and getting an HND degree.

So what is an HND degree?

The HND stands for Higher National Degree which actually is a higher educational certificate which can be regarded as a level 4 or level 5 qualifications that specializes in “learning by doing”. This tactics help you become good at your job as the skills taught in HND courses are particularly meant for the job you are going to get.

The HND degree holders are highly valued by employers and even if you don’t have a University degree. There are plenty of courses available under the HND degree and you can choose any colleges to get enrolled. The best thing behind the course is they are absolutely cost effective and flexible. If you want to continue your job and study the HND course, then also you can as the course also offers distant learning or correspondence course. Or if you want, you can enroll yourself at the regular course as well.

The available subjects rather than just enrolling yourself in HND in Computing in Edinburgh, you can also enroll yourself at the following courses

1.    Hospitality management.
2.    Agriculture.
3.    Construction and Civil engineering.
4.    Health and social care.
5.    Engineering.
6.    Business and management.
7.    Sports and exercise science.
8.    Retail and distribution.
9.    Performing arts.
10.    IT courses.

How do I know HND is the right option for me?

If you have previously studied at Level 3 (A Levels, Level 3 Diploma, NVQ3 or BTEC Level 3) then you will be eligible to start the course at any time.

If you wish to continue into higher education without the costs and geographical restrictions of going to university, then the HND degree in any kind of institutions would be ideal for you.

You will also need to be organized with your time and committed to the level of study required at Level 5.

How do I get assessed?

You need to submit assignments and practical tasks along with projects throughout your course and if you complete the course, you will be marked as – pass, merit and distinction.

Getting an HND degree can be a great benefit for you. All you need to do is choose the right institution for you.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Benefits of Being CCNA Certified

If you think that you want to start your career as an IT professional, you must know that there are a few criteria which helps you become a great IT professional with lots of other advantages. From being a great programmer to a CCNA certified person, IT professionals can reach any level of success in the field of Information Technology.

There are plenty of benefits of being CCNA certified or getting a Cisco Training in Glasgow; however, these benefits can be mentioned as below

1.    The knowledge you get – CCNA certification can provide you the proper amount of knowledge you need in the IT field. Not everyone goes for the CCNA certification. It needs a lot of patience and you have to be very careful while getting the Cisco knowledge from the CCNA certification. If you are CCNA certified, and you have the proper knowledge of Cisco training, and you know the in and out about networking. A fresh CCNA certified IT graduate gets more preference in terms of jobs than someone who doesn’t have CCNA certification.

2.    Salary increase – The CCNA certified IT graduate gets better salary than someone who doesn’t have one. You can get a high salary increase in the same company or even in a new company you will be getting higher package than someone who doesn’t have a CCNA certification. In the world of networking a CCNA certified graduate holds a huge value and that is very important for you.

3.    The promotion part – Not only the increase in salary, but a CCNA certified IT graduate also gets promotion in their job. There are a lot of IT personnel who don’t get promoted in their jobs just because they don’t have a CCNA certification. You need to make sure that you have a CCNA certification so that you don’t have to look back.

4.    Career Growth – When you have a great job, a great salary increase, a great promotion, you will for sure have the best career growth and there is no doubt about it. Above all, a good CCNA certified person is always in demand and therefore there will be plenty of opportunities that you will get in the near future. Also, networking is all about the growth and it keeps expanding over and over again. So there are no way turning back.

5.    The job satisfaction – You study something when you love something and CCNA certification provides you the right kind of satisfaction. You will be never be dissatisfied with what CCNA has to offer.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Why Go For HNC and HND Courses

Higher National Certificate or in short HNC and the Higher National Diploma in short HND are two qualifications in the UK. These two qualifications help in making a student prepared for practical life.

There is various types of courses in academies. For example in one type, of course, you will learn about theories and in order to bring them into reality, you will have to take another subject along with it. Thus in many other qualification courses, the theory courses are more prevalent than the practical courses. In order to gather experience with the practical aspect, you will either need to take the second course or you will have to face it in reality when the job starts and start everything from the ground.

In the case of higher national certificate and higher national diploma, the practical aspect of a subject gets more important. It is a course where the students are given practical knowledge along with the theories and which is why HNC or HND makes the student ready for a job by the end of the course.

In most cases, after passing out from the course, one has to face the practical aspect of a subject, for example, let us say in computers, one student got a degree. Now, in order to garner furthermore practical knowledge, one has to gather in the job sector. And it is at times, unfavorable as most companies will prefer having a prior practical knowledge before accepting a job application.

That's where these courses come in. In the above case, HNC and HND in computing will have more chance of coming out with good marks in the interviews than other courses as these courses are designed such a way that, they will have the practical aspect of the subject along with it. Since they have more experience, these degree holders are more equipped with professional demands of a job.

And it is as such because these courses are made such a way that, the practical aspect of a subject goes hand in hand with the theories and in some cases, practical aspect get more focus than even the theory section. These courses are offered in various subjects, for example, HNC and HND in computing, engineering, agriculture etc and in every subject, the practical aspect takes utmost importance. Each one of these subjects needs different levels of practical knowledge and all the higher academies provide the courses based upon that.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The HND and HNC Courses

There are a number of things that one must know to make a good decision in the field of education. People have been educating and getting educated since so many years, and there are also some moments and experiences where all the values and all the learning’s fail. This is generally because of the lack of research and dedication.There are a number of options for the students to study from different institutions from where they can get their degrees, diplomas, and other well-known certificate courses.

Here, we shall discuss all about the HNC and HND computing courses. But before going to the differences and all the comparisons let us first understand what HNC and HND are in general.

HND: HND is the abbreviation which stands for Higher National Diploma. The full time of this course takes a student to complete it by two years, or it might even take three to four years if the student opts for a part time course. This course is a work related course that is provided by higher and further education colleges in the United Kingdom. It is generally equivalent to the two year at the university level.

HNC: HNC is an abbreviation which stands for Higher National Certificate. This higher certificate full time course takes usually a year to complete, or it might even take two years if the student goes for a part time course. Many of the Higher National Certificate courses cover the same number of subjects and almost the same subject that are there in Higher National Diploma (HND) as well. But we must know that the Higher National Certificate course is one level below than that of a Higher National Diploma course. It is generally equivalent to the first year of study at the university.

Well, unlike any other degrees, these courses are vocationally focused and therefore it can also lead straight on to a good career. Apart from that, they can also be termed as a great stepping stone up to a higher education qualification for all the aspirants. There are very good number of subjects that a student can choose from in these courses. Some of the subjects include- Accounting, business and finance, business management, civil engineering, construction, electrical engineering, engineering, graphic design, management, mechanical engineering, and photography.

Both the HNC and the HND courses are highly valued as an alternative choice to university by the employers.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Why Cloud Computing Is Beneficial For You

Talking about cloud computing course, it is basically a latest computer technology that makes your network building process easier. We all know the traditional way of building an IT environment is to buy servers, hardware, licenses and install the necessary software is a long and expensive process, which implies a high demand for infrastructure and lengthy implementation cycles. This working model as we know it today is being replaced by new technologies, one example of which is Cloud Computing.

There are a lot of institutions that provide you amazing HND courses, cloud computing and other computer courses in Edinburgh. And there are a lot of advantages of learning cloud computing as it provide you a lot of job opportunities and other various advantages. However, using cloud computing in various sectors too has a lot of benefits. This is the reason why you need to study cloud computing during your computer curses.

The cloud computing courses offer you various advantages such as it has an amazing advantage of choosing your own classroom. You can either study online from home or you can attend the classroom courses as well. There are no hard and fast rules on the same.

You can select your own set of courses for you; any course which will be suitable for you as an internet technician.

Using cloud computing in offices and various other work sectors can help you in many ways. Here are a few reasons why you should use cloud computing at your work place –

1.    It is the most updated technology that provides you opportunity to update your software and add new features.
2.    It is quite flexible and allows rapid growth of the business, as the cloud system is designed to cope with huge workloads. This helps to reduce the risks and costs involved in the processes. While taking benefits of cloud computing, you have to pay only for what you are using.
3.    You can use the cloud system from a distant. So each and every staff of the company can easily have access to the network.
4.    Cloud computing is beneficial because it has multi-user platform—it means the same application can be used by a number of people at one go. The physical location doesn’t matter.
5.    During the time of natural calamity, the cloud computing service doesn’t stop working. There are no chances of loss of information or IT infrastructure outage.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

What Makes the HND and HNC Courses So Important?

Since career is the main aspect of everyone’s life, people have become highly competitive and very serious about their targets. Everyone wants to get a good job, earn a lot of money and live their life happily. When we talk about career, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to shape your career.

When you finish your high school, you opt for some special course to get a degree and then you think about getting a job. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Every employer nowadays looks for something special in each and every candidate due to the high competition in the job market and if you want to be the number one, you need to give them the extra.

Advance courses like HND (Higher National Degree) and HNC (Higher National Certificates) are the types of courses which provide you he “extra” the employers are looking for. These are basically level 5 certification courses, which allow you to get the practical knowledge about the subject you are studying.

Most university degrees don’t offer you the privilege of learning things practically. They offer you theoretical knowledge and a bit of projects; but that isn’t enough.  These courses like HNC and HND courses in Edinburgh provide you both the practical and theoretical knowledge. This practical knowledge helps you in becoming the most suitable candidate for the particular job.

The HNC and HNC course are available for many subjects like Construction and Civil Engineering, Computer and IT, Health and Social Care, Agriculture, Engineering, Performing Arts, Hospitality Management, Sports and Exercise Science, Business and Management, Retail and Distribution and many more.

When you opt for HNC and HND courses in these subjects, you attain the benefits that normal students or job seekers don’t.

The courses are basically made up of high credit units. Both the curses take minimum 3 years to get completed when you opt for regular courses and maximum 5 years to complete when you opt for correspondence course.

These Higher National Courses help you to get your dream job, keeps you on the top of the list when the time comes for promotions in your job, as you have the privilege of “learning by doing”. There are a lot of benefits of studying HNC and HND courses. The best thing about the courses is that it is flexible and the fee structure isn’t even high.

Just make up your mind and choose your best institute.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Let’s Learn About HNC and HND Courses

A lot of the students don’t know, but it is always advisable for you to get practical knowledge about your specialized course because that makes you eligible for your job and recruiters prefer you more. HNC and HND courses are that kind of courses which can give you some of the amazing benefits like being preferred during recruitment process.

What is Higher National Qualification?

Both HND (Higher National Degree) and HNC (Higher National Qualification) are level 5 Certification degrees that teach you practical skills which you need in a job. The best part is both the degrees are equivalent to the 2nd year of the degree courses; that means you can directly take admission at the third of your degree course if you have already done HNC or HND courses before.

 Both HNC and HND courses are made up of high units –

1.    Where a full time HNC course take one year to complete and a part time takes almost two years, it is made up of 96 SCQF credit points.

2.    A full time HND takes two years to complete and a part time takes more than that. HND courses are made up of 240 SCQF credit points.

What makes HNC and HND so popular? What are the benefits?

Other degrees give you the theoretical approach to a particular subject. It is true that most of the times you may get practical classes but HNC or HND courses are more vocationally focused on the subject which helps you in your career front.

Above all, these courses are more like a stepping stone to your higher qualification. As mentioned earlier, it can help you get qualified in the third year of your degree without completing the first two years.

How to Get Started with the Course?

It is easy. All you need to do is check with your college you are applying to. Although the respective college may have their own requirements, here are the basic requirements

•    The program should be appropriate with the national units.
•    There should be two passes at higher or maybe above.
•    An equivalent qualification.

A lot of college and professional training institutes provide you some great opportunities for the courses. You can either apply for the courses in accounting, photography, construction, business and finance, engineering, management, graphic designing, computing and many more. However, “IT Professional Training” provides you the best professional subjects in HNC/HND computing in Edinburgh.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why Hnc Hnd Computing Education So Important

Holy cow, the computer industry has just about taken over the entire world. Nobody could imagine back in 70s or even 80s that the computers would play such an integral role in our daily life. As a matter of fact, we use computers to perform almost all the daily tasks in one or another form. From buying grocery, to managing our financial accounts, to communicating with people staying thousands of miles away from us, we do all the things with the help of computers.

To grow and prosper in the modern-day society, the computer education plays a vital role in everybody’s life. For instance, if you are not taking advantage of the internet at your office, you might be using it in your home. You might be surfing and browsing the internet.

The importance of HNC HND computing education

With the advancement in the technology, you must stay up to date. Well, through the courses of HNC HND computing, you can get comprehensive knowledge about the computers. The best thing is that all these courses are job oriented. So you need not to worry about your future if you get through such a precious and valuable course. Let me guide you comprehensively about these subjects.

The HNC and HND Computing and Systems Development course are created to help you develop your skills in front and back-end design technologies. With the help of these courses, you can develop good skills and knowledge about E commerce, finance and business. These courses will help you to understand the computer and network infrastructure on which the developed systems are installed.

These courses straightforwardly focus on the career building as they fall in the category of vocational courses. For fresh students, these courses can prove to be a great stepping stone in their higher education studies.

You are expected to learn about:

  •  Employability and professional development
  •  Internet server management 
  •  E-Commerce strategy
  •  Games design and development 
  •  Web application development 
  •  Database design concepts
  •  Office solution development
  •  Mathematics for software development
  •  Business skills for e-Commerce 

HND computing course

It is a work-related course provided by higher and further education colleges in the UK.

HNC computing course

It is one level below the HND course; however you study almost the same subjects as you do in the HND course.

If you want further information about the admission, fee etc, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you in all respects.

Friday, 27 January 2017

All About the Cloud Computing & Its Training

With cloud computing turning out to be all the more generally utilized by both little and substantial associations, it is imperative for the organizations to comprehend approaches to boost its use and lessen dangers of moving to the cloud interface. A wide range of organizations compose instructional courses sooner or later of time or the other for their workers to upgrade their aptitude set keeping in mind the end goal to build profitability, maintenance, and support.

Cloud-based training solutions can be gotten to from anyplace over the world utilizing a computer with an internet association. Cloud computing has turned into a wonder in both the corporate and training industry as a result of the simplicity it gives in interfacing and collaborating with individuals by means of a computer. Associations don't need to put resources into introducing any equipment or download any product.

Cloud computing permits organizations to access their data and reports from any other computer with the help of internet. This innovation offers financially savvy implies for incorporated stockpiling, taking care of and recovery of any information and data as and when required. Corporate mentors can utilize cloud-based training programming to effectively permit representatives of various branch workplaces to participate in the preparation program on the booked time and date.

Cloud-based training solutions give a virtual domain to give you a chance to appreciate intuitive sessions with the coach, sharing indispensable records and information, and talking about huge business issues. Moreover, such solutions give a "casual" corporate learning set up for the specialists while they proceed with their work.

Coaches can produce various online cloud computing training reports to meet their business needs. They can gather the registrant information from the brought together database where singular subtle elements are put away consequently. In this way, computerized online components of the preparation solutions can help you play out the authoritative undertakings easily and obviously at a lessened cost.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Things to Consider While Looking for Microsoft Office Support Package

For some organizations moving over to distributed computing alternatives, the procedure can overwhelm and introduce numerous potential hiccups. Despite this, there are many advantages to these new arrangements that have implied that organizations are making the jump in any case, receiving various benefits, for example, enhanced effectiveness and more noteworthy joint effort in the work environment.

All things considered, frequently an awesome level of support is required when at first relocating to these administrations and in the principal periods of getting to holds with them. Besides, continuous support can be considered to a great degree significant in many occasions.

A standout amongst the most well known cloud devices accessible today is Microsoft Office 365, which is a cloud based application including an assortment of Office apparatuses. This has various focal points, including the recognizable Office applications in a more synergistic and available bundle that additionally highlight visit redesigns and enhancements without the need to buy a totally new bundle.

A third and last thing that you should search for in your Microsoft Office 365 support is the experience and skill of the organization that is furnishing you with the administration. It simple for a person to appoint themselves the mark of distributed computing master with no genuine accreditation, experience or enthusiasm for these specific arrangements. If you are looking for microsoft office training in Edinburgh, then IT Professional Training center is the best place.

Rather, for the best support, search for an organization whose mastery lies here, with an abundance of consolidated involvement and demonstrated critical thinking capacities that can give your own business the best distributed computing background.

Not just will these specialist organizations have the capacity to manage your solicitations rapidly and productively, however they will likewise have the capacity to laser in on your issues and offer the most proper and wise arrangement without fail.